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Formal education is the regular education of individuals in a certain age group and given in schools at the same level with programs prepared for definite purposes. 
Formal education includes Pre-Primary education, primary education, secondary education and higher education institutions.

2.1.1. Pre-Primary education 
Pre-Primary education includes the optional education of children between 36-72 month who are under the age of compulsory primary education. Pre-Primary education institutions, independent nurseries are opened as nursery classes and practical classes within formal and non-formal education institutions with suitable physical capacity.
The purpose of Pre-Primary education is to ensure physical, mental and sensory development of children and the acquisition of good habits, to prepare children for primary education, to create a common atmosphere of growth for those living in inconvenient circumstances and to ensure that Turkish is spoken correct and well.

2.1.2 Primary Education
The purpose of primary education is to ensure that every Turkish child acquires the basic knowledge, skills, behaviors, and habits to become a good citizen, is raised in line with the national moral concepts and is prepared for life and for the next education level parallel to his/her interests and skills.
Primary education is compulsory for all citizens, boys or girls, and is given free of charge in public schools.
Primary education institutions are schools that provide eight years of uninterrupted education, at the end of which graduates receive a primary education diploma. 

2.1.3. Secondary Education 
The purpose of secondary education is to give students a minimum common culture, to identify individual and social problems, to search for solutions, to raise awareness in order to contribute to the socio-economic and cultural development of the country and to prepare the students for higher education, for profession, for life and for business in line with their interests and skills. 

2.1.4. Higher Education 
Among higher education institutions are universities, faculties, institutes, higher education schools, conservatories, vocational higher education schools and application-research centers. The purpose of higher education is to raise the students in line with their interests and skills, in conformance to the science policy of the country and in consideration of qualified manpower needs of society at several levels, to do researches in scientific areas, to arrange for all kinds of publications that show the research and examination results

and facilitate advancement of science and technology, to finalize the researches and examinations demanded by the government and to make comments, to make written or oral public announcements explaining the scientific data that shall increase the general level of Turkish society and enlighten the public, and to give non-formal education.

Services given by non-formal education are
·   to teach reading-writing, to provide continuing education opportunities for students to finish their incomplete education 
·   to provide education opportunities that shall facilitate the students' adaptation to scientific, technologic, economic, social and cultural developments
·   to give education that protects, improves, introduces and comprises our national cultural values
·   to help students acquire the concepts and habits of collective living, supporting, helping, working and organizing collectively 
·   to provide opportunities that shall ensure acquisition of professions in line with the economic development and employment policy
·   to teach balanced nutrition and a healthy life style
·   to teach people from various professions the knowledge and skills they need to improve themselves
·   to provide the habit of using one's free time in a useful way.

" Nurseries
" Kindergarten
" Practical classes
" Nurseries within private Turkish, Foreign, Minority, International schools 
" Other institutions (Society for the Protection of Children, and other institutions and organizations opened as per article 191 of Law no 657) 

" Primary schools 
" Regional Boarding Primary Schools
" Boarding Primary Education School
" Primary schools for the Hearing-Impaired 
" Primary schools for the Visually-Impaired 
" Primary schools for the Orthopedically Disabled 
" Primary schools for the Mentally Retarded 
" Private Turkish, Foreign, Minority, International Primary schools

General Secondary Education 
" Secondary schools 
" Science schools 
" Anatolian schools
" Anatolian Fine Arts schools 
" Anatolia teacher training schools 
" Foreign language school
Vocational and Technical Secondary Education
" Vocational schools for industry 
" Technical schools
" Anatolia technical schools
" Anatolia Vocational schools
" Vocational schools for girls 
" Technical schools for girls
" Anatolia Vocational schools for girls 
" Anatolia Technical schools for girls
" Anatolia Vocational Schools for Commerce 
" Anatolia Vocational Schools for Communication 
" Anatolia Vocational Schools for Hotel management and Tourism 
" Vocational Schools for Commerce 
" Religious High Schools 
" Anatolia Religious High Schools 
" Multi-program high schools for the Hearing impaired 
" Vocational Schools for orthopedically disabled 
" Multi-program high schools 
" Vocational Schools for Health
" Anatolia Vocational Schools for Health  

" Universities
" Faculties
" Institutes
" Higher education schools
" Higher Vocational education schools
" Conservatories
" Application and research centres

" Practical Arts Colleges for Girls 
" Maturation Institutes
" Technical education centres for adults 
" Public education centres 
- Reading-writing courses 
- Vocational courses 
- Social-cultural courses
" Vocational training centres
" Professional education centres 
" Science and Art centres 
" Guidance and research centres 
" Private education 
- Private courses
- Private classes
- Private motor vehicle driving courses 
- Private student training centres vocational courses
Remote Education 
- Open education primary schools
- Open education high schools
- Vocational and Technical Open education schools